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An Exchange of Shifting Atmospheres

“An Exchange of Shifting Atmospheres” is an exhibition that is part of a larger TSA/CDMX exchange focused on how collaboration unites the cities of Philadelphia and Mexico City. Developed since the beginning of the pandemic between five pairs of artists working collaboratively in both locations, and guided by a collaborative curator duo, the goal of this project is to facilitate the exchange of ideas between artists in two cities considered on the brink and two countries. divided by a wall both physical and ideological. Throughout the last two years, the course of collaborative conversations has focused on the growing challenges we face throughout an ever-changing pandemic life. Throughout two years, the participants have touched on issues that have affected us all regardless of the city and country. This exhibit has grown beyond its initial base of collaborative couples and has become a window into coping, healing, and growth mechanisms.


We hope that this collaborative project will produce multiple results and build a set of relationships that will grow between both cities. Each artist pair has been connecting closely, and individually, each artist is a respected and important member of their creative community with an impressive and growing resume of exhibitions, projects, and connectivity. Together, the team of five artist couples is a nucleus of future connectivity and knowledge. The artist couples will also visit each city, connecting and integrating with the artist communities of each place. Artists will give talks, conduct study tours with students, and take advantage of available educational opportunities.

Curated by Ricky Yanas (PHL) + Leslie Moody Castro (CDMX)

Olivia Jia (PHL) + Fabiola Menchelli (CDMX) / Fred Schmidt-Arenales (PHL) + Plinio Ávila (CDMX) / Megan Biddle (PHL) + Elisa Pinto (CDMX)

Samantha Mitchell (PHL) + María García Ibáñez (CDMX) / Nichola Kinch (PHL) + Virginia Colwell (CDMX)


Fabiola Menchelli and Olivia Jia

Book of Life, 2022

Unique C-print folded inside the wooden frame with Ultra 70% UV glass

11" x 14" each

Fred Schmidt-Arenales and Plinio Avila

76 drawings of the seriesFigure and Order(Requiem for Felguerez and Freedman) and video, 2022

Ink on paper / Ink on paper

10 drawings and video editing

29.5 x 28 each

Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-27 a la(s) 15.01.27.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-27 a la(s) 15.01.36.png

Megan Biddle

Spirit Remains, 2022

Risographic prints

43 x 28 cm each

Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-27 a la(s) 16.10.50.png

Maria Garcia Ibanez
Finger drawing of a landscape, 2022

High temperature glazed ceramic

Variable measures

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