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Panorama is a group exhibition that brings together and articulates the work of seventeen emerging artists whose practices reflect some of the most stimulating aesthetic concerns on the scene today. The pieces exhibited here are limited to two-dimensional formats, expressing themselves through painting, illustration, photography and the interaction of work surfaces with materials typical of the plastic arts and / or with everyday objects.

Although the artistic proposal of this group stands out for its diversity, the particular explorations allow establishing some constellations among themselves. From the outset, the rough and cracked textures of Andrea Bores and Sumie García, as well as the liquid and misty patterns of Antonia Alarcón and Lenoroa Serra approach the primal by resizing structures of nature — apparently chaotic — in hypnotic pictorial exercises.
Next, the subjects represented in the universes constructed by Melisa Paredes, Ángela Ferrari, Gonzalo García, Ángela Leyva and Mónica Figueroa allude to what was witnessed. From images of people gathered in social contexts to individual portraits in which intimate emotions are glimpsed or intuited, these works invite us to reflect from the unknown and fantasy about identity, the sense of existence and interpersonal relationships.

Later, acid relics of pop objects by Anaís Vasconcelos, layers loaded with memories of Mariana Paniagua, and systematic records of events attended in different time frames by Antonio de la Rosa and Joaquín Seguí, refer to what was remembered and are presented as testimonies of what that resists fading and endures in remembrance.

Finally, the vibrant layered overlays of Omar Mendoza and Marcos González, followed by the fugal environments and perspective geometries of Nora Sacristán and Claudia Luna, approach the spatial. His works guided by chromatic palettes in balance add and subtract on the canvas to reveal graphic metaphors located in a diffuse boundary between the flat and the volumetric.
The density, heterogeneity and richness of the set of proposals presented in this room as a panoramic sample book, highlight the open and receptive nature of laNao in its vocation as a formal space for the exhibition, dissemination and development of emerging contemporary art.

Pedro Cénal Murga 

Pedro Cénal Murga 

Artists: Leonora Serra, Mariana Paniagua, Melissa Paredes, Claudia Luna, Anaís Vasconcelos, Sumie García, Antonia Alarcón, Gonzalo García, Andrea Bores, Foreman, Omar Mendoza, Antonio De la Rosa, Joaquín Segui, Angela Leyva, Angela Ferrari, Mónica Figueroa , Nora Sacristán, 

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