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Edgar Solorzano
Mexico City, 1989 

With an approach that prioritizes intervention over creation, Edgar Solórzano's work explores the relationship between people, matter, the physical environment, time, memory and space. He maintains an interest in the meticulous observation of the interactions between them, and the gradual effects that they exert on each other, as opposed to the polarity that these relations may suggest: memory / forgetting, matter / void, subject / object.
His artistic search starts from an intimate link with the materiality of objects and the spatial experience, as well as with the possibilities of the intersection of disciplines such as photography, collage, drawing, painting and the intervention of objects.
His work has been exhibited individually and collectively on more than 30 occasions in Mexico, Germany and Colombia. He is currently receiving a scholarship from the 16th Floor Program, MUCA - UNAM for the realization of the project “Memoria Socioespacial en la CDMX”



volcanic rock and nails
220 x 220 x 220cm

Volcanic rock and nails

The piece is made up of a grid of nails that contains 300 volcanic stones cut into irregular quadrilaterals that result from the first drawing of the series; its dimensions and format are born from the measurement and subdivision of an existing wall in the gallery.

Recently Edgar Solórzano has been interested in the subjectivity of three-dimensionality and space, its communication and imaginary reconstruction from the interpretation of two-dimensional media such as drawings, plans, photographs or videos. The stance of the piece is based on the triplanar mount: a traditional system of projection in three two-dimensional planes for the description of three-dimensional objects. Although the montea is the representation of an object, he is interested in approaching it as the concrete object to communicate, where the described object remains absent.


Oil on linen 
100 x 100 cm 


Assembly made in the studio at laNao  in collaboration with Ali  Cotero. 

The proposal for the assembly of a studio arises from a series of conversations to study the passage of time in production within the workspace. An exercise to locate objects in semantic fields, by rearranging them to assemble them in three moments:

1. Objects and materials that inhabit the studio near the pieces and imagine their mark and transformation.

2. Landscapes that can be built from reading them in the "Placebos" project, accompanied by fragments of another piece ("300 Territories") such as rocks that simulate mountainous places, skies, waters and plant masses conceptually contained in the sheets of the agenda .

3. Writings (illegible) with rocks on the ground in the form of a message that is answered by the poem (plastic) on the wall to establish the poetic relationship of the epistolary exchange sustained during the exercise.

FUEGO (FIRE) is a utilitarian sculpture that is activated as a campfire to celebrate communion around the fire. The concrete, modified with each burning, functions as a container for the collective memories of those who activate it. Piece made in the Cobertizo residence 

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