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Cuando el río suena...
Cumbia lleva 

The work of the artist Marcos González “Foreman” is characterized mainly by combinations and mixtures of bright colors and figurative images that refer to art.

However, in the last year his work has become abstract and this time he presents a series of paintings in which his influences persist.

The visual life of Mexico City, for many pitiful, for others, a gold mine of colors, textures, that show a great way to solve anything with minimal resources and constantly whispers to us about that so alive creativity that the third world offers with such genius, that only some are able to be fascinated with attentive devotion. "Foreman" is one of them.

Painting as the artist's main linguistic resource allows us to feel –in addition to the above- the vibrations of the sound so characteristic and unique of this city. Marcos puts us in the highest frequency of the noon screams between screaming trucks, tamaleros, bakers, tortilla makers, the garbage hood, the organ grinders, the ice cream man, the unbearable whistling of the camoteros. The fierce engines of motorcycles, cars, horns, trucks and, suddenly, a silence that lets through the soft and sweet chirping of the many birds that still coexist with us in our extinct Mexico City, keep us permanently in a glorious endless symphony.

This is how I feel when I see Marcos's painting, a series of images and sounds that Francisco “Taka” Fernández has seen and has been part of the journey and transformation in “Foreman's” work. Being both neighbors of the workshop, the relationship between these two artists manifests a creative-technical-intellectual bond and of loyal friendship that Fernández includes accurately in the title of this exhibition and refers us to cumbia as a longing for the past time that our -fathers-grandparents- reviewed with so much passion and nostalgia, of the magical nights of dances, to the rhythm of the delicious cadence of tropical music. In Marcos González's world of the unconscious, they all sleep. And it is in the pictorial trance, where they wake up and manifest themselves through the images that "Foreman" gives us today.



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