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Bilis Negra - Acto I 

Ángela Leyva proposes an antidote to oblivion: using different creative processes such as painting, transfer, fiction and installation, she reinterprets faces and reconstructs the stories of those who can no longer tell theirs - the series of pictorial portraits and fictional narratives Black Bile shows the degree of this obsession with making them appear in this world.  


In her most recent work, the artist invites us to celebrate together with her the ritual of birth through the visual and spatial representation of the cathartic moment in which her archival beings ascend to the universe of matter and reach exaltation.  


Act I confronts us with the image of a child who has been freed from his own destiny. The flowers that crown it symbolize the resurgence after illness. And like the lotus flower that emerges from the mud, the archival being that emanates from the black bile reminds us that even in the most overflowing and complex conditions there is life, an act that if it does not restore our faith, at least encourages us to keep looking for it.


Naomi palovits

Bilis Negra_Acto I.jpg
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