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Al tiempo del abraso

Cobertizo, located in Jilotepec, edo. mex, is an artistic residency project that aims to openes a rigorous place for artistic production in Mexico and summons in it the creative possibilities that the willingness to meet always offers. We want to trigger common dialogues that become personal questions that become links that transform things. We believe that in the meeting of the various creative processes it is possible to generate ways that remind us of the collective origin and enhance singular poetics.

In this sense, we thank those who lend a hand to this project, as they strengthen the intentions and enable its persistence, but above all that of an art ecosystem committed to its others. 

In this exhibition we present the work of seven artists who formed the first residency in collaboration with laNao, during which they produced the pieces on display. Each one in its disposition against the drifts that make up the latent community that constitutes this sample.

We seek to shelter a hug, detonate it, a fire and inhabit it. At a personal pace, time without hours. 

_MG_2199 copy.jpg
_MG_2198 copy.jpg

marco rountree
No title, 2022 
Tezontle and gravel on wall and wooden frame 
Variable measures 

_MG_2197 copy.jpg

Saladin Soul
No title, 2022
47 x 39 cm 

after nomos alpha, 2022 
Metal, clay and plant
180 x 90 x 35 cm 

_MG_2200 copy.jpg

Miriam Salado
Wild Ammo, 2022 
Copper and metal spines on bushing 
6.4 x 4 cm 

Miriam Salado
Wild Ammo, 2022 
Copper and metal spines on bushing 
6.4 x 4 cm 

_MG_2216 copy.jpg
_MG_2216 copy.jpg
_MG_2213 copy.jpg

Chavis Marble
Untitled, 2022 
Carving in wood, automotive paste and aluminum 
250 x 120 x 35cm

_MG_2202 copy.jpg

Nestor Jimenez
The Condescension, 2022 
Concrete, acrylic and graphite on recycled wood
72 x 72 x 2 cm 

_MG_2206 copy.jpg

andrea bores
Lake II and III , 2022
Natural pigment on paper 
70 x 95 cm each


Indigo and Carbon I and II, 2022
Indigo and charcoal on paper
180 x 260cm

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